Short summary

I am currently Visiting Research Scholar at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Prior to coming here, I worked for 4 years as Assistant Professor of Geophysics at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Brazil. There, I developed and taught courses in geophysics and programming and numerical methods. I received my PhD from the Observatório Nacional, Brazil, for the creation of the open-source software Tesseroids and Fatiando a Terra and for my work on large-scale gravity inversion. I am a member of the PINGA lab, a research group for inverse problems in geophysics. My research focuses on inverse problems in potential field geophysics with a heavy dose of open-source software development. Lately, I am developing the Python bindings for the Generic Mapping Tools. I do my best to bring more openness to the scientific process and to train the next generation of scientists in the best practices of reproducible computational experiments.

Curriculum Vitae

I keep a PDF version of my CV in a more traditional format on the leouieda/cv Github repository (download the latest PDF). The CV is typeset in Latex using a custom open-source template.

Around the internet

I post about my research on social networking sites and have a moderate presence on Twitter (links at the top of the page). Most of my research output is available around the internet, usually through Github repositories. You can find me and my research, code, articles, and data at:


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Assistant Professor of Geophysics


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