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Joining the #sciwrite party

Posted on 05/02/2014 by Leonardo Uieda

A few days ago, Chris Rowan (@Allochthonous) and Anne Jefferson (@highlyanne) from Highly Allochthonous called people to band together (digitally) for a month of science writing: #sciwrite v2.0! The point is to publicly set writing goals for yourself and post updates on the progress using the hashtag #sciwrite on Twitter. Quoting from their post:

With the idea that a little public accountability never hurt anyone, and that maybe having a community of people all going through the same writing process at the same time could actually help make life better, we'd like to introduce February 2014 as #sciwrite v 2.0. For the next four weeks, we’ll be committing to writing every day and sharing our goals and progress here on the blog on a weekly basis. We'd love it if other people joined us.

This is a fantastic idea!

I'm a little late to the party but here are my personal goals:

The last goal is a bit ambitious and I'm not sure I'll make it. But at least this will force me to get started. So keep an eye out for #sciwrite on Twitter and follow me (@leouieda) for updates.

Come join the party!



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