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Final #sciwrite update: week 4

Posted on 10/03/2014 by Leonardo Uieda

February is gone, the #sciwrite challenge has passed, and the final checkin was made over at Highly Allochthonous. I have to admit, my initial goals were way too bold: 1 reply to reviewers of an article and write (or at least start) 2 manuscripts. I wasn't nearly as productive as I would have liked, though that was to be expected since I just started a new job as an Assistant Professor at UERJ. I had to get adjusted to the new workplace and sort out all the paper work involved in state employment in Brasil (bureaucracy capital of the world). But besides all that, I managed to get some things done.

My first 2 weeks were spent on goal #1. Not optimal but it was time well spent. That article has now been accepted for publication in Ore Geology Reviews (an early release is already available on their website). I'll put the pdf up for download on my publications page once it's officially out.

Regarding the 2 manuscripts, I started drafting the first (about my software Tesseroids) in a public GitHub repository over at the PINGA Lab page. There is still nothing substantial over there besides the basic template of the journal and an initial outline. The second manuscript hasn't even crossed my mind.

Even though I didn't even come close to achieving my goals, I still found the whole experience quite rewarding. And working with well established goals in mind keeps me focused on the important things (most of the time). So, as an experiment, I intend to keep making monthly goals for myself and posting them to the blog.

For this month (March 2014), my goals will be:

That is a lot of work for one month especially since I might have to teach an undergraduate course starting next week. But I'm optimistic and will try my best. Next week I'll check-in and let you know how things worked out.



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