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Leonardo Uieda



This is a talk I've been working on and tweaking over a few months now. It's about my path through geophysics and open-source software, how it's shaped my research and teaching, what I see as the future of this area (with some tips for informing yourself on current software best practices), and some of the research we're doing at the Computer-Oriented Geoscience Lab.

The slides were made with reveal.js using my new talk template leouieda/talk-template. There are links to the slides specific to each time a version of this talk was given. The source code links contain the underlying HTML code of the slides.

At University of Kiel

Location: Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Date: 2020/07/01
Source code: leouieda/2020-07-01-kiel

This was another online version of the talk. It was really nice to connect with the geophysicists at Kiel since Prof. Jörg Ebbing's group uses Tesseroids and was involved in the generation of the GOCE gravity gradient grids cited in the talk. They have also used the Moho inversion code and are getting involved in Fatiando. I added some bits to the end about getting involved in open-source software projects and finding online communities of practice (with a shout out to the Software Underground).

At University of São Paulo

Location: Departamento de Geofísica, IAG, Universidade de São Paulo
Date: 2020/06/18
Source code: leouieda/2020-06-18-usp

I was really delighted to get an invitation to speak at my alma mater (roughly 10 years after my graduation). The talk was also delivered online. This was the first time delivering this talk in Portuguese, which was a struggle since I had the words prepared in English already (slides are still in English, though). I added the latest news of the successful reproduction of the Ferguson COVID-19 modelling results. Funny enough, this talk is heavily inspired on the last talk I gave there in 2015.

Screen shot of the Q&A session after the talk. Screen shot of the live Q&A session after the talk by Eduardo Fernandes Henriques. Featuring host Ricardo I. F. Trindade and my good friend Vanderlei, who wouldn't stop asking questions.

At TU Freiberg

Location: Institute of Geophysics and Geoinformatics, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
Date: 2020/06/04
Source code: leouieda/2020-06-04-freiberg

This is the second version of this talk, delivered online. I changed it a bit to reflect current research presented at EGU2020 and focus less on the technical side of development. The online delivery was new to me but it worked out well. Even though it can be strange to talk to a screen for 50 minutes, the great questions afterwards more than made up for it.

At the Geographic Data Science Lab

Location: Geographic Data Science Lab, University of Liverpool
Date: 2020/03/04
Source code: leouieda/liverpool-gdsl-2020

This is the first version of this talk, delivered at the GDSL group seminars. It was about my path through geophysics guided by my interests in making open-source software: how I got started with coding, the various projects I'm developing, how that's shaped my research, and plans for the future.

Photo of me presenting with a funny face. Photo of the presentation at the Geographic Data Science Lab by Francisco Rowe.

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