A bit about me

Photo of me from 2019
  • Brazilian geophysicist, currently living in the UK
  • Creator of methods for imaging the inside of the Earth from measured disturbances in the planet’s gravity and magnetic fields, from global to microscopic scale 🛰️🔬🌎
  • Open-source software developer: Fatiando a Terra, PyGMT, and more
  • Committed to open practices in teaching and research
  • Leader of the Computer-Oriented Geoscience Lab
  • Proud father and amateur baker
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Latest blog posts

A satellite view of the December 2022 Mauna Loa eruption

On 27 November 2022, the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawai‘i started erupting for the first time since 1984. The eruption has now ceased and since its start the Landsat 9 satellite has take two...

A geophysical tour of mid-ocean ridges

This tutorial was developed for Transform 2022, the Software Underground’s virtual festival of open Geoscience. Watch the recording on YouTube Run the code online: launch Binder Original source...

Why should geologists learn how to code?

Before the second day of my 4-week “Introduction to Python for Geoscientists” workshop a few weeks ago, I was asked by a student why they needed to learn how to code. After all, they are training...