Advancing research software in the UK through an SSI fellowship

I have selected as part of the 2020 cohort of Fellows of the Software Sustainability Institute!

The Institute cultivates world-class research with software. It's based at the universities of Edinburgh, Manchester, Southampton, and Oxford in the UK. Their motto says it all:

Better Software, Better Research

The SSI has a yearly fellowship program to fund the organization of communities around scientific software (creating of local user groups, workshops, hackathons, etc). Even more importantly, they organize several events to get current and past fellows in the same place doing awesome stuff. I'm really looking forward to this year's Collaborations Workshop (registration is open to all, not just fellows). I applied at the end of last year and was selected to join the 2020 cohort of fellows along with some truly amazing people.

My plan for the fellowship is to run some Software Carpentry workshops in Liverpool and to develop lesson material for transitioning from coder to open-source software maintainer (based on our AGU workshops). These workshops will be a good way to connect with the local Python user groups. I'm also hoping to connect with other geoscientists interested in software around the UK and Europe at EGU 2020.

The application for the fellowship was the most fun I've ever had applying to something (no tedious cover letters). We had to make a 5 minute video about ourselves and our plans. The SSI even provided a guide for recording a screencast which was really useful. This was my first stab at making a screencast and it turns out to be a lot less painful than I expected (apart from hearing my own recorded voice). I put my application video on YouTube including captions based on my script for the video.

YouTube made this really easy to do: the text is automatically synced with the video (the joys of tensorflow, probably), so you don't have to add time stamps or anything. You can read the transcript and find more information at the page for this fellowship in the Research section.

Keep posted for more information on the fellowship activities and reach out if you want to get involved!

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