I'm Leonardo Uieda, a geophysicist working mainly on inverse problems in gravity and magnetics.

Starting February 2014, I'm working as Professor of Geophysics at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I teach the "Intro to Geophysics" courses to Geology students, among others. A typical day at work usually involves a lot of open-source software development, for both research and teaching. At the moment I'm finishing my PhD at the Observatório Nacional.

In the spirit of open-science, I share all of my research and teaching material (code, data, slides, etc) online under permissive licenses. You'll find links to source code, images, lessons, etc, scattered around this website (look for the icon).

I am a member of the PINGA lab, a research group for inverse problems in geophysics. In the group page you'll find links to papers and talks by the group members. We try to provide links to source code and supplementary material to our papers (most new papers have these).


You can also follow me and find out more about my research, code, articles, and data in the following sites:

My ORCID number is 0000-0001-6123-9515. Para os brasileiros, aqui está o link para meu Currículo Lattes.


PhD in Geophysics

MSc in Geophysics

International Exchange Program

BSc in Geophysics